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Teresa's Story

cocoa-women-s-half.jpgThe story of ATX Ultra Eats is really the story of a simple muffin recipe and its evolution from a basic, probably not-so-nutritious wheat flour-based form of quick bread to the healthy nut and seed flour-based bread it is today. The origin of this company is in my eighth grade home economics class. In that class I had my first formal baking lessons. One recipe, a basic recipe for simple muffins, became my favorite recipe. I used that recipe as a base for a variety of muffins throughout the years: cinnamon muffins, jelly muffins, blueberry muffins, cheese muffins, and savory muffins. I copied that recipe on a recipe card and filed it with my other favorite recipes in an inexpensive, rather homely, metal recipe box that I purchased from a discount store. I still have the original card on which I first copied that recipe, and it's still tucked inside that unlovely. but durable, metal recipe box. Using that same recipe, I often made muffins for my husband after we married, and then our children as they grew.

Thirty-one years after I began using that recipe, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I had to learn to eat an entirely new way. At first the gluten-free lifestyle seemed like a prison. I missed some of my favorite foods, and the threat of hidden gluten and cross-contamination made eating anywhere other than home a risky affair. After my family and I began to adjust to this new way of eating, I realized that my gluten-free diet was actually opening a new avenue for creativity for me in the kitchen. I have always enjoyed cooking and baking, and I have always used simple, wholesome ingredients. Having to strictly follow a gluten-free diet actually helped me to make our diet even cleaner. Because I control the ingredients in our food by cooking and baking mostly from scratch, I can simplify the dishes I bake and cook by using only essential ingredients. While I adapted to the gluten-free cooking, I discovered that with a little adjustment required by the nature of gluten-free flours, I could easily deglutenize many of my favorite recipes. One of the recipes I degutenized is the muffin recipe I have used in so many ways for over thirty years.

This muffin recipe has been a constant friend, successfully and deliciously changing to suit the dietary changes I've asked it to make. About the time I was diagnosed with Celiac, I began distance running. As a runner I have found that I actually feel better when I eat a diet lower in carbohydrates, which means a diet lower in grains. I have more energy when I eat baked products made without grains. Moreover, my husband Phillip and I find that when we eat baked products made with higher protein nut and seed flours, we avoid the energy crash that often follows the energy surge caused by higher carbohydrate grain flours. To omit the common rice, sorghum, millet, and other gluten-free grains from our diet, I began to experiment with seed and nut flours in the kitchen, and developed several delicious gluten-free, grain-free healthy muffin flavors. My faithful muffin recipe adjusted to this change as well as to the other changes I asked of it during our long years together.

When our oldest grandchild began eating table foods, he was a finicky eater. He would, however, eat the muffins I baked for him. I began use my muffin recipe to bake high protein, nutrition muffins for him and our other grandsons. As I experimented with various blends of flours and seed powders during this time, I discovered that many of the extra ingredients found in common gluten-free dry mixes are unnecessary to producing a delicious gluten-free muffin with a pleasing texture. I began leaving out the usual xanthan and guar gums. I switched to a brand of non-GMO aluminum-free baking powder that contains potato starch instead of corn starch. These changes led to the clean, gluten-free, grain-free mixes we offer to you today.

Our family depends upon healthy, wholesome foods to provide the nutrition we need to fuel our active life-style. Like Phillip and me, our children and their spouses are runners. Phillip and I continue to set new fitness goals for ourselves. We've added ultra-running (only 50ks thus far) as the longest distance we've run, and we have set a goal to run a 50 miler soon. At the end of December 2014, I made two running resolutions for the year 2015, both of which I completed: to run 2015 miles for the year (I ran 2042 total - all in bare feet), and to run every single day of the year. As of January 2016, I am a member of the American Running Streak Association, and my running streak continues. I have resolved to run 2016 miles in the year 2016, and hope to surpass my mileage goal as I did in 2015. ATX Ultra Eats muffin mixes, delicious easy to prepare, freeze, and thaw, and delicious to eat, give us energy and keep us running. Please give our muffin mixes a chance to provide the same delectable, healthy muffins you need to keep up with your busy lives!