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Our Commitment to Freshness and Quality

website-image-3.jpgIngredients are at their best when they are fresh; fresh ingredients lead to a quality final baked product. Nut and seed flours, either whole or ground, contain oils and for this reason they are at their peak flavor and freshness when they are eaten quickly rather than stored for long periods of time. The ensure that our muffin mixes contain only the best quality ingredients, we buy our ingredients in small batches, and we package them in small batches. This way we know that the mixes we mail or deliver to our customers are as fresh as possible. Since we buy our ingredients in small sizes, we are unable to take advantage of bulk pricing. Our products, as a result, are priced a bit higher than similar gluten-free products. We can guarantee, however, that for this price, our customers are getting the very best quality muffin mix they can find.

To preserve the stability of the nut and seed flours in our mixes, we have chosen a laminated stand up pouch bag with three layers of protection that provide the strongest barrier against UV light, moisture, and oxygen. This highly protective quality of our packaging ensures that the flours in our ATX Ultra Eats muffin mixes will retain their freshness until they are ready to use.

Gathering the ingredients for gluten-free, grain-free baking is not always easy. Many people with dietary restrictions, or even those with just a desire to eat better quality foods, might be interested in eating nutritional gluten-free, grain-free quick breads, but may be feel overwhelmed by the prospect of preparing them from scratch. Moreover, quality nut and seed flours, not easily available on grocery stores aisles, can be quite expensive to purchase. Furthermore, many people who need or want to eat gluten-free have lifestyles that require the convenience offered by nutritious mixes made with healthy ingredients that they can easily pick up off the grocery shelf and quickly prepare at home. I am excited to make ATX Ultra Eats gluten-free, grain-free mixes available for people to enjoy. I hope that eating muffins made with our mixes will bring you as much delight as we gain from offering them to you!